Q: Why “Pegasister”? / What is “Pegasister”
“Pegasister” is an expression less seen, less known and often overlooked. What better word to give a voice to all the talented fans and their creations?

Breaking it down, Pegasister was created with intention to be the “sister” to the widely known official MLP productions and toylines. To showcase the fan-created, lesser seen aspects.
A home and resource bank for those wanting their voice to be heard, artists, musicians, writers, crafters, customisers and everyone with something to share.

Also it’s snappy, short and easy to spell.

Q: co.uk? Do I have to be from the UK to submit content?
As long as you have an internet connection, you can submit content. No country restrictions.
The site will update on a schedule built to accommodate international fans.

Q: Is this site just for G4 / Friendship is Magic fans?
No, Pegasister will showcase all fan created pony love. From G1 customs to G4 musicians.

Q: I don’t like the word “Pegasister”!
Oh well